Opus Clip: AI Video Clipping Tool

Opus Clip: AI Video Clipping Tool

Opus Clip AI is a widely used tool that helps users turn long videos into short ones. It helps you in extracting the desired part from the video. You can edit your videos short. Even if you are an iOS and Android user, you can still tailor the video, change the background sound, turn vocals, etc. It provides a wide range of features to its users. So, if you are looking for a music-oriented editing app, then Opus Clip is definitely your desired choice. You can even take multiple takes of our videos and cut them into how you want, as it will provide you the polished editing. You can lay various videos together, which ensures precise and desired editing. Some of the features of Opus clip are sound cleaning, cutting and joining clips accordingly, volume labeling, and including effects in the video like reverb and spatial audio. This article will discuss the Opus clip free necessary details, essential functions, benefits, pricing, etc.

Key functionalities of Opus clip

Some of the critical functions that you will find while using Opus clip AI are:

  1. 1. Multitrack editor

The app will help you build the composition based on eight simultaneous tracks. This function includes a synth, drum sampler, chop track, etc.

  1. 2. Audio unit compatibility

You can effortlessly compare the audio of your videos. Moreover, opus clip free also helps integrate third-party instruments. The audio unit plugin and MIDI tool help you improve the workflow and video quality.

  1. 3. Cloud publishing

You can share your required file on SoundCloud, Dropbox, etc., and even collaborate with the other instances by sharing your video and desired file through Opus files. 

  1. 4. Effect modules

You can shape your ordinary video into a high-quality one through a high-quality compressor, reverbs, delays, distortion units optimized, equalizer, etc.

  1. 5. Mobile export

You can save your files in lossless WAV files or compressed formats, which will protect you from any theft or virus. These formats help you by providing a separate music distribution channel.

Why choose Opus Clip AI?

Opus Clip AI is one of the widely used apps that allows you to edit videos and various other benefits. If you are looking for a platform that can make your work easy and provide all the benefits, then Opus Clip free will be an excellent place for you. However, some of the reasons why you should choose the Opus clipart:

  1. 1. Intuitive audio clean-up

With the introduction of AI technology, you can remove noise and music from the background, clarify all the audio, and ensure the best quality of video.

  1. 2. Specialized vocal editing

The Opus clip AI helps you provide post-production polish to your videos. This will improve performance and podcast recording.

  1. 3. Mobile recording studio

If you have prepared your video on your mobile phone then you can use its various features so that you can enjoy the app. Some of the effects that make your master tracks are EQ, compression, spatial audio, etc.

  1. 4. Clip management tool

The Multitrack Style template helps you arrange the videos according to your choice.

  1. 5. Approachable entry-level pricing

If you are planning to use Opus Clip, you can easily start your journey by purchasing the subscription plan at $3.99 per month.

  1. 6. Cloud storage is a sharing.

There are various files and cliptapes available on the app, which you can easily share with the help of cloud storage share. You can even share any file from one place to another.

Benefits of Opus clip AI

If you are planning to start using the Opus clip for your videos, you will enjoy various benefits while using this app.

  1. 1. Intuitive editing timelines

Opus clip provides the timeline-based workspace to the users, which helps achieve precise editing.

  1. 2. Multi-camera editing

The Opus clip helps sync the footage of up to 8 videos and provides syncing of multiple videos.

  1. 3. Unlimited tracks

While performing any complex projects, you can easily add or transact as many videos and clips as you want. There is no limit to adding videos in the process.

  1. 4. Background rendering

You can easily send export videos of up to 8K. Moreover, even if the quality is high, it does not compromise the background rendering and the encoding algorithm. 

  1. 5. 100+ visual effects

Users can easily and effectively choose from high-quality transactions, audio, video, clips, and tiles, which provide a significant graphic effect.


Opus Clip is a widely used platform that helps you turn your ordinary long videos into vibrant short clips. However, if you are interested in buying an Opus Clip plan, you can buy it for $9 at techjockey.com. The price of the plan may differ according to the features you intend to enjoy. You can easily merge, cut, trim, or adjust the speed of your videos. There are various opus clip AI Alternatives that you can use

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